Thursday, October 7, 2010

Always, Sometimes, Never

Alice in Wonderland wedding shoot via Wedding Chicks

Thought I'd end the week on a bit more of a personal post, to introduce myself (in a vague kind of way).

I always....
  • can quote Alice in Wonderland
  • leave the yummy things on my plate to eat last
  • carry a little Field Notes notebook around with me
  • bite my nails

I sometimes....
  • eat breakfast food at lunch or even dinner time!
  • spend too much time on the internet
  • wish I lived in Montreal or Italy or France or Spain...
  • think winter will never end

I never....
  • listen to country music! (unless forced...)
  • cry during movies
  • put milk in my coffee
  • stop missing my sister and brother who both live over 20 hours away from me

Have a great weekend!
(Always, Sometimes, Never inspired from Here Comes The Sun.)


  1. Breakfast works well for me any time of the day. This is such a cute post! I love all the wonderful little details about you.