Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Catchup

Ever had the feeling like you take three steps forward, only to fall back four steps? That's how my last 3 weeks have been. In other words, really frustrating!! I've been so busy and stressed that I'm getting home absolutely exhausted and getting absolutely nothing done. I'm really determined to at least make a dent (even if it's a small one!) in my to-do list this weekend.

TO-DO this weekend
  • 10 million loads of laundry, plus cleaning
  • Mow the lawn
  • Go to friend's baby shower
  • Wrap present for said friend's baby shower
  • Organise the office (now that the hubby is actually using it!)
  • Go to church (on Sunday)
  • Vaccuum
Do you think that sounds reasonable? If only I could get through all that! I can try!
And just to remind myself what a clean house looks like, some beautiful homes...

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  1. Digging the light fitting in the second image!