Friday, May 27, 2011


I stumbled over this gorgeous, Kiwi clothing line yesterday, called Papercup. Papercup is an independent label in Wellington, specializing in handmade clothes with a vintagey feel. They are just gorgeous!
I'm so happy about this current trend of colour blocking in fashion at the moment. As a girl who just loves colour (and has been wearing way too much black in the last few years), it's making dressing up so much fun! (and I bought some bright yellow cords this week! Yay!)

To view their complete collection, go to their shop website at Swonderful.

1 bonnie dress8 breathless pinafore black

4 colonel mustard navy7 outlaw shirt colonel mustard skirt

10 fair lady skirt grey14 kissin' cousins dress

~ all images from Swonderful via Royal Milk Tea ~

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