Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tilly's House

Well, I have been a bad blogger, haven't I?! I've had a few weeks from hell, but I don't want to go into that or be negative, so how about we just get on with it? :-)

I discovered these pictures below one day on flickr. They are pages in a book I used to have as a little girl and absolutely loved. It was a story of a little doll who was sick of being the scullery maid in a big doll house so she decided to try and make it on her own. I love the illustrations, don't you?


  1. Dear Bronwyn/BronBron
    Ahhh! This is so weird, 'cause I was just procrastinating - - I mean, searching the internet for other 'Bronwyns' and 'Bronwyn Blogs' (I have my own :D) Then by chance I found this, and my favourite book from when I was very small comes up on the first post,and it remined me of her house in the... greenhouse, was it? Anyway, I honestly have always been enchanted by this book and it's illustrations; the mere thought that my toys could come alive and have adventures was, and always will be, simply enthralling. So thank you... Bronwyn! Eeek, it feels so strange addressing someone else with that, for it's such an uncommon name. Not to mention it literally means 'brown-one', but it's still beautiful. :)
    Lots of love from another Bronwyn. :)

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