Monday, September 5, 2011


I'm very sorry for the lack of posts! I've been madly trying to get some photos edited from our holiday recently. They will be coming soon, I promise!
In the meantime, here's some useless tidbits about me. I don't normally like doing these meme kind of things, but this one seems like a bit of fun....

AGE - 28 years and 2 months
BED SIZE - Queen. Double is too small and I think I'd get lost in a King!
CHORE THAT I HATE - Cleaning the shower!!
DOGS - None :( and I'm so sad about that. I'd really love a dog. We used to have a labrador when I was young and she was the cutest thing, but very lazy. If I were to get a dog now, I'd love a Nova Scotia Tolling Retriever (haha, look that one up!) or a pug or a golden retriever or a labrador or an english bulldog or or or....
ESSENTIAL START TO MY DAY - A coffee! Unfortunate, but true. 
FAVOURITE COLOUR - I've gone through a lot of "favourite colours" over the years, so I've decided that I simply just love ALL colour! But at the moment, I do love yellow and orange and grey. Oh! And turquoise and coral. And! Ok, leaving this question alone now.
GOLD OR SILVER - Gold, but I like silver a lot too.
HEIGHT - Oh dear. I just got measured by the doctor last week and now I can't remember. 200-and-something centimetres. Helpful? No?
INSTRUMENTS - Double bass! I've been playing it since 1998, which makes it 13 years! Wow! I also used to play flute and piano, but I'm pretty rusty (read: dodgy) on these now.
JOB TITLE - At my proper job, I am a senior web analyst, but that doesn't come anywhere near describing what I do (ie. much much more than analysing). When I'm at home, I'm the chef, cleaner/tidier, sewer, gardener (at times), and general woman about the house.
KIDS - Nein no non. Not that we won't ever be having them, but not right now.
LIVES - With my hubby on half an acre in beautiful, sunny Queensland.
NICKNAMES - Really? I've had so many over the years. Apart from normal ones, Norb, Chimesy, Bron-whiggams, Bronweena (thanks Dad!), Bronnikins (again, thanks Dad!), etc.
PET PEEVES - Greed. There's just no need for it.
QUOTE FROM A MOVIE - Hahaha, oh dear. When I was little, I used to watch Disney's Alice In Wonderland over and over and over, so now I can quote a fair bit of it.
"In my world, books would be nothing BUT pictures!"
"The time has come, my little friends, to talk of other things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings. And why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings. Haha! Callooh, callay, come run away! We're cabbages and kings!"
RIGHT OR LEFT HANDED - Right handed.
SIBLINGS - One little sister and one little brother. Except they're not so little anymore.....
TIME TO WAKE UP - I aim for 6am, but that doesn't always happen. As for my hubby, well! After I've tickled, pulled the covers off, and almost resorted to throwing water, he gets up a little bit after me ;)
UNDERWEAR - Am I wearing any? That would be yes.
VEGETABLE I HATE - I don't know that I hate any vegetables, but there are ones that I certainly don't eat as much, such as asparagus.
WHAT MAKES ME RUN LATE - The hubby! Usually because my tickling (etc) to get him out of bed hasn't worked and then he dawdles around. Haha.
X-RAYS - Abdomen at some point (can't remember when but I've got the Xrays!) and teeth when I got my wisdom teeth out.
YUMMY FOOD THAT I MAKE - Well, I am fairly good at making desserts (if I do say so myself) but can't really eat all that much of it myself. Yes, the hubby has got it pretty good!
ZOO ANIMAL - Cheetah. Just always been fascinated by them.


  1. This list was so much fun! I love the little peak into your life. Hope all is going well for you!!

  2. cute :) ps, your blog is SO good lookin!
    xo Moorea